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Romantic bike date

You will need two bikes or scooters, a bottle of water, a light snack. Difficulty level: medium
Who is it for?
This type of date is for those adventurous couples who find staying at home on Saturday boring. A bike ride is a great way to have a good time together while exploring the surrounding areas and also doing cardiovascular exercise. Especially if your partner leads a healthy lifestyle, you'll hit the bull's - eye with this date idea.
What if...?
What if you don't have bikes? That shouldn't be a problem because there are probably plenty of bike rental stations around you.

What if your partner can't ride a bike? That can be even better because you can spend some fun and exciting time teaching your partner how to ride a bike. The first bike ride is something that people never forget. Besides, overcoming challenges together will make you both more connected to each other.

What if you both can't ride a bike? It's not a problem either! Instead, you can choose an electric scooter, which doesn't obviously require any specific skills to ride it.
How to find the best places to ride a bike?
The place for a good bike ride is usually in the parks and woods. Most large city parks have dedicated cycle paths and quiet, romantic roads suitable for a fantastic ride. So you should think of the most beautiful place in your city and aim to find the least crowded and spacious route.

If you absolutely have no idea where to ride a bike or looking for new paths, you should definitely check out the Bikemap website. It has a great collection of perfect bike routes. In addition, if you download their app too, it will record your route and additional parameters such as distance traveled and ascent/descent. You can later share a nice screenshot of the path with your friends and family on the social network.
What to bring with you on a bike ride?
You must bring a few water bottles with you to avoid hydration and keep your energy level up and running. You will also need a backpack to store your other belongings such as your phone, sun protection, and a small first aid kit which is essential to have on any bike ride. Also, don't forget to make yourself visible enough and take with you the headlight.

To have a romantic pit-stop picnic moment with your partner, pack your backpack with various good snacks. Bananas, dried fruits, nuts, apricots, raisins, prunes, and energy bars are excellent when you get exhausted and need to refuel yourself quickly and electrolytes lost in sweat.
Other things to note
Riding before sunset will make a date more romantic.
What could be more exciting than riding along the promenade watching pink sunlight sparkling on a smooth water surface?

Want to make it a bit more fun? Take a kite with you.
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